Changing Lives

We save babies’ lives

Catherine Smith with daughter Ella at Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory in Edinburgh

Photo credit: Theirworld

The lives of premature babies and their mothers are being changed by our groundbreaking work at the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory. The lab’s mission is to find out why babies are born prematurely and come up with better ways to care for them.

Our flagship research project is The Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort: a unique 25-year study to learn more about how being born too soon or too small affects people’s health in later life, by monitoring the progress of 400 premature babies over 25 years.

  1. ​2017

    The laboratory celebrates 15 years of helping to save premature babies.

  2. ​ 2015

  3. 2014

    The Laboratory finds that genes play key role in brain injury risk for premature babies

  4. ​ 2004

    The Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory is launched.

  5. 2002

    Sarah and Gordon Brown set up the Jennifer Brown Research Fund in memory of their daughter, who died aged 10 days after being born seven weeks premature.

Theirworld Founder and President, Sarah Brown, meets Dawn Crosby, a mother whose son was cared for in the Special Care Baby Unit of the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary

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