#5for5: Post a photo of you as a small child

Stand up for under-5s for Universal Children's Day!

This Sunday, November 20, is UN #ChildrensDay - set up to honour the rights of children everywhere. 

To celebrate it, and as part of our #5for5 campaign, Theirworld wants to raise awareness of the importance of the first five years of a child’s life. 

Here’s how we can get people talking about it: simply post a photo of yourself as a 5-year-old - or younger. Each of us remembers what being little was like, right?

With #5for5 we want to help every child, everywhere, get the best start in life.

Post your photo

1. Find a picture of yourself aged 5 or younger

2. Share the photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter on Thursday, November 17 ahead of Universal Children’s Day

3. Include a sentence about why the first five years are so important - and make sure you include #5for5 and the petition link: theirworld.org/5for5