Fundraise for Theirworld

Set up a cake sale, take part in a bike ride, do a fun run or get together and have a party!  

Everyone has a role to play when it comes to ending the global education crisis and unleashing the potential of the next generation. Here’s what you need to get started.  

Take part in an event to raise money

Are you taking part in a bike ride, running a marathon or participating in another kind of sponsored event? By raising money for Theirworld through sponsorship, you can directly help us ensure that every child has the best start in life, a safe place to learn, and skills for the future – all over the world. 

  1. Step 1

    Visit our JustGiving page

  2. Step 2

    Register for an event or activity - or create your own.  

  3. Step 3

    Send your "sponsor me" link from Just Giving to your colleagues, friends and family.

  4. Step 4

    Get started! Raise money to reach your goal and share your story with us about your fundraising journey.  

Note: You can also hold your own event or activity to raise money.  You can use our sponsor form to keep track of your donors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve already run my event, where do I pay in the money?

Please do not send any cash through the post. Whenever you send money to Theirworld, please enclose one of our Money Return Forms so we can keep a record of the money you have raised for us. The best way to send us the money is through a cheque or postal order made out to Theirworld. 

Theirworld is entitled to apply for Gift Aid (reclaim tax) on all donations received from UK taxpayers. You will need to tick the box on your completed Sponsorship Forms and send copies of all sponsorship forms to Theirworld for us to be able to claim the Gift Aid.  

If people are donating to you online please remind them to select “I am donating my own money” in the Gift Aid section. 

Forward any sponsorship monies and collection slips to:

Fundraising Team


Broadgate Tower

20 Primrose Street



If you are sending a contribution, please contact us so we are on the lookout for your donation.  
We will send you an acknowledgement any donation we receive from you.  

How do I find out more about Gift Aid?

If you are a UK taxpayer, every gift you make to Theirworld - whatever its value - could be worth more at no extra cost to you just by choosing to Gift Aid it. HM Revenue and Customs will add an extra 25p to every £1 you give to Theirworld. 

Gift Aid is a government initiative that allows donations given to charity to be tax-effective. As soon as you give your permission by completing a Gift Aid declaration, we can claim the tax back on your donation. This means that a £10 donation will be worth £12.50 and for every £50 gift we will actually receive £62.50. 

Find out more about Gift Aid here, including details on what donations are eligible for Gift Aid. 

Are there any other legal considerations about fundraising?

Due to the wide range of activities that fundraising includes, there are an array of laws that can apply. The Institute of Fundraising produces Codes of Fundraising Practice to help charities ensure that their fundraising activities are legal and carried out to the highest standards. 

Good luck and have fun!

“There is that incredible sense of achievement. If you are thinking of taking on an adventure to support Theirworld, I'd say give it a go. It's fun!”

The Rev Douglas Burnett, 3 Cities Cycle Challenge, UK and France
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