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A quality education is the key to unlocking a child’s potential. It should never be a game of chance. But for millions of children currently locked out of school, education is like the roll of a dice.

In a twist on the classic children’s game Snakes & Ladders, Theirworld has created a Keys and Locks game to explore some of the opportunities and barriers faced by children around the world when it comes to getting a quality education. What happens if you’re one of the lucky ones, and what happens if you’re locked out and sent back to square one?

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Support for educators

We’ve put together some resources for ages 7-14 to help educators make the most of the Keys and Locks game with your learners.

  • A slideshow with useful background information and a quick activity to get learners thinking about education barriers and solutions. 

  • Instructions and a printable board for playing the game offline. 


Download the slideshow

Download here

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Download the game instructions

Download here

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Download a printable version of the game board

Download here

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Education should never be a game of chance

Education is facing even greater challenges because of Covid-19. If we’re going to deliver the Global Goals in 10 years’ time, then world leaders need to make decisions right now that are going to make a real difference and make sure that education isn’t a game of chance. 

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