#YouPromised campaign

Theirworld's #YouPromised campaign aims to put pressure on world leaders to keep their pledge to fund education for one million Syrian refugee children in neighbouring countries.

About the #YouPromised campaign

In February 2016 world leaders promised to get one million Syrian refugees into school - but they have failed to deliver the funding. That means more than half of all Syrian refugee children in neighbouring countries will not be getting an education. 

Lack of funding from donor countries will mean many of them will be at risk of child labour, child marriage and exploitation and live without hope for the future.


With more than 60% of Syrian children not in education, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said his agency needs to do more to help a country hosting three million refugees including 2.7 million Syrians. Turkey has promised that all refugee children will be able to access education, and there was a 50% increase in enrolment during the last school year.


The Ministry of Education and the UN children's agency UNICEF expect to enrol more children this school year in the double-shift system. The number of schools using this system will rise from 238 last year to 330. But there will still be thousands who remain out of the reach of education because they have to work to support their families, live too far from a school or have missed too many years of education to catch up.


Jordan announced several measures that will allow tens of thousands of Syrian refugee children to go to school this year. It will let children enrol even if they don't have the proper paperwork. More than 100 of Jordan's state schools willl start running a double-shift system - twice the previous number - to let another 50,000 students enrol. The education ministry also announced plans to create special catch-up classes for 25,000 children aged from eight to 12 who have missed out on three years or more of education.

The story so far

  1. April 2018

    Theirworld and magician Dynamo travelled to Lebanon to meet Syrian kids who have been left out of school and let down by world leaders. With more than 680,000 still waiting to go to school, we released a powerful film telling their stories.

  2. October 2017

    Theirworld launch a series of short films filmed by Syrian refugee children to tell the story of their lives, using video cameras that we gave them six months earlier. Watch Asmah, Bassam, Rojin and Mustafa tell their stories.

  3. April 2017

    Ahead of a major meeting of world leaders in Brussels, Theirworld supporters send message telling them to keep the promise to the more than 500,000 Syrian refugee children who are still out of school despite the major progress we've seen for so many of their would-be classmates.

    The conference hosts re-commit to their goal of "getting all refugee children and vulnerable host children in quality education" - and pledge $6bn to the overall humanitarian response.

  4. February 2017

    The co-hosts of the London conference deliver a report on funding progress and promise to track the pledge to get all refugee children in school.

  5. January 2017

    UN education envoy Gordon Brown tells a UK parliamentary inquiry:  “We’re still one million kids short. We’re still $1 billion short." Another Syria is announced, to be held in Brussels in April.

  6. October 2016

    A Theirworld report says 370,000 Syrian refugee girls - more than 60% of girls under 18 - living in Turkey are out of school. It says action is needed to overcome gender barriers.

  7. September 22, 2016

    The Syria conference co-hosts hold an update meeting. Theirworld President Sarah Brown tells them more than 30,000 messages have been sent to them on social media.

  8. August 26, 2016

    Alexandra Kensland Letelier, one of A World at School's network of Global Youth Ambassadors, delivers more than 18,000 messages in Norway, one of the co-hosts of the Syria conference.

  9. August 10, 2016

    We produce a video to remind countries of their broken promise - and to urge people to send out a message that this is unacceptable.

  10. August 3, 2016

    The new school year is about to start but half of all Syrian refugees could still be out of school. Theirworld asks supporters to post messages on the Facebook pages of co-hosts United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, United States and Kuwait.

  11. August 1, 2016

    With 60 days to go before the school year starts in the region, Theirworld launches the #YouPromised campaign. We publish a report that reveals an urgent funding gap, with less than $400,000 of the $1.4 billion pledged at the conference having materialised.

  12. February 2016

    World leaders meeting at the Supporting Syria and the Region conference in London promise to provide the funding to get one million Syrian children in school during the 2016-17 academic year.

About the issues in the #YouPromised campaign

What's happening in the #YouPromised campaign?

GYA Alexandra Kensland Letelier hands over 18,000 messages to conference co-host Norway.

GYA Alexandra Kensland Letelier hands over 18,000 messages to conference co-host Norway.

Norway was one of the co-hosts of the Supporting Syria and the Region Conference in London in February, where the promise was made to get all Syrian refugee children into school in their host countries.
The moment when messages from hundreds of children living in Lebanon arrived in London.

The moment when messages from hundreds of children living in Lebanon arrived in London.

The Downton Abbey actress and Soulayma delivered hand-printed messages from young Syrian refugees to the Syria conference, calling for education for every girl and boy affected by the conflict.
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