Our Community

Every individual in our community is working to create a healthy and fulfilling life for children, babies and young adults all over the world. Working together as campaigners, advocates, researchers, fundraisers, donors and other supporters, we make a big difference. We need you to help us spread the message and create a brighter future for every child.

The movement

Global Youth Ambassadors, young people, NGOs, members of civil society, teachers, faith-based organisations, media and leading businesses, are all part of the A World at School movement to drive action on global education. From signing a petition calling for action, to speaking as an advocate for our causes at the UN General Assembly, the movement has grown to include the support of over 11 million people.


These organisations and groups join by signing a common statement to highlight that education is a fundamental right of every child and the key to every individual’s well-being

Global Faiths Coalition for Education


Faith-based organisations from all over the world have convened to campaign for all children to receive a quality education as a fundamental right.


They bring together the goodwill and commitment of faith-based organisations to raise awareness and demand urgent action to benefit children missing out on education.

Global Business Coalition for Education


More than 100 business of different sizes from all over the world.


Founded in 2012 by Theirworld, The Global Business Coalition for Education brings together the expertise of the business community to help achieve education for all.

Youth network

We are grateful to all the young people who support us. Whether they are a Global Youth Ambassador, a campaigner, an advocate, or a fundraiser, we support and encourage every young person as they stand up for children's rights all over the world.

Global Youth Ambassadors


A global network of 700 young advocates and campaigners in more than 80 countries.


The Global Youth Ambassadors are advocates and campaigners for education change around the world.

Global community

A young girl presents a petition to a global leader. A new parent works with scientists to help with medical research into care for newborns. A refugee gets a place at a school who has partnered with an NGO. Our global network of supporters work side by side to bring about change in their own communities and all over the world.

The global community


Our supporters include young people, parents, teachers and any other individual who wants to get involved and take action.


People take part in our work in so many individual ways; by taking big actions like carrying messages to global leaders, or simply by taking a moment to sign a petition.

Celebrity supporters

Over the years, we our work has been endorsed by high profile individuals. In many cases, they've also taken part in projects, promoted our causes on social media, or acted as ambassadors and helped us spread the message of our campaigns. Here are some of the highlights.