The global community

Just by taking a simple action to share a message, you are joining a worldwide network of global leaders, businesses, faith leaders, NGOs and celebrities, all of whom are working together to fight for our causes. 

Young supporters 

Young supporters make new friends and develop their advocacy skills as they help us spread the message. They do this by:  

  • Speaking at events, telling young people and parents about the importance of education and the global barriers to education  
  • Sharing the Theirworld petitions and campaigns on social media
  • Setting up after-school or university clubs to mobilise support for campaigns affecting children and young people  
  • Blogging about their experiences of education in their own countries 
  • Setting up fundraising events or awareness campaigns in their communities  
  • Becoming a Global Youth Ambassador


Teachers in schools all over the world help us spread the message by:

  • Raising awareness of children and young people's barriers to education
  • Organising events to raise awareness of the global issues around education
  • Setting up projects that give children and young people an insight into their peers worldwide
  • Working with Global Youth Ambassadors to run campaigns or after-school clubs

If you are a teacher, take a look at our lesson plans below.


 If you are a parent, no matter where you live in the world, you can:

  • Work with teachers and young people to spread the message that every child in the world has a right to a free education, free from discrimination
  • Act as an advocate and spread the word, sharing your support for our causes online on Twitter and Facebook, or via your business on LinkedIn
  • Take part in a fundraising event
  • Donate to Theirworld to support the work we do

Join the community of people who care about our causes

By taking actions and offering your support, you are joining a worldwide network of global leaders, businesses, faith leaders, NGOs and celebrities, all of whom are working together to fight for our causes

Here are some examples of the work that members of our community have taken part in recently:

  • In a Lebanese school the teachers are helping students set up a photography exhibition to raise awareness about refugees and their need for education. 
  • In a Kenyan school there are businesses supporting girls with kits that teach them how to code. 
  • At the United Nations General Assembly, global leaders are discussing funding for education with our Global Youth Ambassadors.

Resources to help individuals take action:

Global Youth Ambassador Serie

A toolkit for young people supporting Theirworld

​This is the youth advocacy toolkit. It gives young people who are supporting Theirworld tools and techniques to help them campaign and act as advocates of our causes.

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