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A World at School

This page is about the A World at School global movement and its work to champion the rights of every child to go to school. It explains how A World at School creates networks of people and organisations to lead campaigns and support change.

An overview of A World at School

A World at School (AWAS) is a global movement that was set up in 2013 by the children's charity Theirworld and has since gained momentum to include thousands of young people, NGOs, businesses, faith leaders and leaders in local and international government. It unites people and convenes organisations who believe every child has the right to a safe, quality education, free from discrimination.

There are 263 million children and youth in the world who do not go to school. Millions more are in school but not learning due to poor education.

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of people from more than 250 organisations have joined forces with AWAS and become part of the global movement. They include people from civil society, teachers, faiths, youth, businesses and non-governmental organisations.

In 2015, A World at School launched the #UpForSchool Petition to call on world leaders to take action to get every child, including the most marginalised, into education. The petition was signed by more than 10 million people and presented to the United Nations General Assembly.

Visit the A World at School page in Our Community.

What does A World at School (AWAS) do?

Raises awareness of the cause

AWAS shares stories and highlights the challenges or barriers to getting every child into school and learning. Its job is to amplify voices for education on the world stage so that they cannot be ignored.

Finds ways to get things done

The global network helps to identify ways to get more children into school and mobilises people and organisations to support this goal. These people range from young adults in schools, universities to professionals in NGOs and a vast range of businesses, to leaders on the world stage and celebrities. Read more about the community [Link to: Community index page]

Engages with governments

AWAS ensures the most recent data and the latest policy recommendations are easily available to governments so they can take action that will have an impact.

Celebrates progress

It shares good news stories about education with our network to inspire and encourage change.

How does A World at School do this?

It brings people together to campaign, raise awareness and implement change.

AWAS works collaboratively with all sectors. This includes business leaders, faiths organisations, non-governmental organisations and social justice campaigns. AWAS co-ordinates campaigns and nurtures collaborations. Where it sees an opportunity to make progress for children, it forges links between organisations focused on health, human rights, gender rights, child labour and other issues.

It supports the voices of youth. The Global Youth Ambassadors form a network of over 800 young people in more than 80 countries who campaign in schools, communities, businesses, local government and all over their countries to get every child into school and learning. These young leaders bring their interest, passion and dedication to the global education cause.

AWAS encourages and supports positive action.

  • AWAS reviews and analyses the latest data and research so it can make useful recommendations for the best ways to get children into school and learning.
  • AWAS acts as a convening brand for those who are interested in furthering the cause of getting every child into school and learning, from NGOs to businesses who hope to help make change. [Link to: Every child deserves an education]
  • By showcasing success stories from partners, it presents a wide picture about what is happening around the globe.
  • AWAS keeps up the pressure by holding everyone accountable to the global timeline for action by 2030, outlined in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Who are the Global Youth Ambassadors?

The Global Youth Ambassador programme is a network which puts children and young people at the heart of A World at School’s work. Launched in 2014, there are now more than 500 Global Youth Ambassadors in over 80 countries around the world.

These young people are aged 18-30 and work as volunteers locally, nationally and globally to be advocates, campaigners and supporters for A World at School and Theirworld.

In return, we provide the ambassadors with a one-year programme of support, opportunities and training, allowing them to develop the skills required to be active youth advocates on education.

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