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Education Youth Ambassadors

On this page you will find a description of the Education Youth Ambassadors in Pakistan, what they do and what they hope to achieve.

What are Education Youth Ambassadors?

These are young leaders aged 18 to 29 in Pakistan who are keen to take action to improve education in their country.

There is a growing strength of feeling among young people about the importance of quality education for everyone. An expanding network of Education Youth Ambassadors (EYAs) has been set up to build on this enthusiasm. In October 2016, there were 300 EYAs.

Working with the charity Idrara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi (Centre for Education and Consciousness), Theirworld started and supports the EYA programme.

Who are Education Youth Ambassadors?

EYAs are young people with interest, passion and dedication. They want to make a difference to education in Pakistan and are committed to universal education

What do they do?

When the EYAs are accepted on to the programme, they get access to global campaigning toolkits, the chance to meet other Education Youth Ambassadors, invitations to national and international events, and more.

They make a difference by speaking out about the need for education for everyone.

EYAs work with Theirworld’s network of 500 Global Youth Ambassadors who work in more than 80 countries to help get all children into school and learning.

What have they achieved?

Since the programme started in September 2014, EYAs have organised and taken part in many events, including consultations with other young people about new ways of paying for education, informative sessions to mark International Women's Day and vigils for the Peshawar school attack in December 2014.

They have also been involved in a number of projects. These include school visits to help them understand and recognise quality education, as well as writing stories for the UNESCO Youth Global Monitoring Report, and other articles and blogs to highlight some of the issues they have faced in going to school.

The EYAs campaign in their schools and communities, raise their voices and mobilise others to take action for education in Pakistan.

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