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Global Youth Ambassadors

This page is about the Theirworld Global Youth Ambassadors - a worldwide network of over 800 young advocates and campaigners in more than 80 countries who are supporting the movement to get every child into school and learning. 

Who are the Global Youth Ambassadors?

The Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador network is an amazing group of over 800 young people across more than 80 countries advocating and campaigning for education change around the world.

This network offers passionate young education advocates the platform to amplify both their voice and the voice of young people by working with fellow Theirworld Global Youth Ambassadors and Theirworld to create real change.

They also have the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, other young people and global education professionals, whilst gaining knowledge and developing skills.

I love being a Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador because I get to learn a lot from research materials and documents shared within the network. It is a youth network with youthful innovations and ideas.

Maryanne Mumbi Muriuki (Kenya)

What do we offer Global Youth Ambassadors?

A 2-year membership to a global network
  • Connect, learn, share ideas, discuss, debate and network with others.
  • Have access to a platform that aims to promote your work and experiences to Theirworld’s wider audiences.
  • Receive weekly email updates from Theirworld and across the network, as well as access to a range of opportunities that you may be interested in.
The chance to learn and develop as an advocate

  • Deepen your knowledge of global education-related issues.
  • Learn about Theirworld’s campaign priorities and actions.
  • Gain new skills that can strengthen your own national or local education campaigning.

Opportunities to take global action on education campaigns

  • Make sure the youth voice is heard by working with us on Theirworld’s campaigns and taking action in a safe and responsible manner.
  • Become an influencer and mobilise others in global campaigns (e.g. collecting petition signatures)
  • Engage in media/social media linked to campaigns (e.g. sharing reports and articles
  • Have the chance to link national advocacy and local voices to global processes and events.

I love being a GYA because I get an opportunity to advocate for the right to education for children with disability on a global platform.

Daniella Akellot (Uganda)

​What have the Global Youth Ambassadors achieved?

So much! Here are just some examples of their campaigning:

In 2015:

  • GYAs were a driving force in the #UpForSchool campaign, which delivered 10 million signatures to the United Nations - demanding that world leaders keep their promise to get every child into school. The youth ambassadors collected more than one million signatures.

In 2016:

  • For Theirworld's #SafeSchools petition in 2016, Omang Agarwal from India collected an amazing 35,000 signatures.
  • A GYA from Lebanon spoke at the Supporting Syria and the Region conference in London, while others represented young people at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul and at summits in New York during the United Nations General Assembly.

In 2017:

  • Helping us to collect signatures and delivering a call to action at the G20 Summit 2017 for a new International Financing Facility for Education.
  • Letters to governments of the countries that co-hosted the Supporting Syria conference (Germany, Norway, Kuwait and the UK), demanding they don't forget those 500,000 Syrian refugee children still out of school.

In 2018:

  • 14 of our GYAs have been accepted on to the Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative Youth Council.
  • 3 of our GYAs represented the network and over 1.5 million children and young people when they delivered a petition for a bold new funding plan for education to the UN.
  • Our GYAs from the US campaigned for USAID to call for greater investments in early childhood and in particular pre-primary and play when it produced its draft education policy.

The Voice of Global Youth Ambassadors

GYAs have written passionately about education in their countries.  In 2017 alone, GYAs wrote over 70 blogs about a whole range of issues that affect access to education within their communities across all 3 of our causes.

Check out their work on our Voices channel.

Our GYAs have also been speaking about their views and experiences with Theirworld President Sarah Brown as part of her Better Angels podcast series.

Want to Become a Global Youth Ambassador?

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a Global Youth Ambassador?

The network offers passionate education advocates between 18 and 29 the opportunity to connect with, and learn, from other young people, while gaining knowledge and developing their skills.

Applications are closed at the moment but you can register your interest in the network here and we will notify you once applications re-open.

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