Safe Schools

Learn about why Safe Schools are important and the measures put in place to help children continue their education during crisis, conflict or after a natural disaster.

Safe Schools Declaration

Learn about the Safe Schools Declaration and how it aims to protect students, teachers and education facilities during times of armed conflict.

Street children

How children end up on the streets, what that means for their lives and why specific approaches are needed to help them get into learning.

Sustainable Development Goals

Learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and what they mean for Theirworld as a set of global commitments to end poverty, protect the planet and promote peace.

Teachers and learning

The world needs 25.8 million more teachers to achieve universal primary education by 2030. How can this be achieved?

Technology and education

Technology offers new learning opportunities for everyone - and children must be learning the digital skills needed for future jobs.

United Nations General Assembly

Find out how Theirworld is involved with the United Nations General Assembly, where the countries of the world debate and agree decisions on global issues.


Learn how the #UpForSchool Petition gathered more than 10 million signatures and now continues to raise awareness for children and young people's rights.

What is advocacy?

Learn what advocacy is and how it can be used for positive change. Find out how to go about becoming an advocate.