Every Child Deserves a Safe Place to Learn

Every child deserves a safe place to learn, especially for children in emergencies and conflict. There are nearly 300 million children and youth around the world who do not go to school and 75 million will have their education interrupted this year due to conflict and emergency situations. Our campaigns and projects are delivering resources to ensure that every child has a safe place to learn.

By 2030 ensure every child completes free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education.


In September 2016, the high-powered Education Commission, made up of a distinguished group of global leaders, academics, business leaders and economists, warned that global education is in a critical state.

It reported that:

  • Twice as many girls as boys will never start school
  • By 2030, 825 million children in low and middle-income countries will not get the basic secondary-level skills they need for the jobs market
  • By 2030, 228 million children will not be in school
  • 400 million will leave school without primary-level qualifications

The Commission has come up with a plan to create the Learning Generation by 2030, the first generation where every child is in school and learning. This can be achieved by transforming the performance of education systems, unleashing innovation, prioritising the inclusion of all children, expanding financing, and motivating all countries.

Education in Emergencies

All over the world young people, government officials, faith leaders and others are working to make sure every child has the chance to get a quality education.

With several programmes of research, pilot projects and worldwide campaigns, Theirworld and the A World at School global movement of supporters are working together to make sure every child has the right to a safe, free and quality education.

Our Campaigns

#WriteTheWrong is our campaign to end the global education crisis.  The campaign aims to secure the political will, funding, inclusion and innovation necessary to unleash the potential of the next generation through education.

As part of our work to ensure every child has a safe school to learn, we are campaigning for:

  • A minimum of 4-6% of humanitarian aid dedicated towards education.
  • A full replenishment of the Education Cannot Wait fund which is seeking to raise $1.8 billion in 2019. 

Our Projects

Refugees and Vulnerable Children in Lebanon

Theirworld has been working in Lebanon to expand access to education through research, projects and campaigning, tackling the impact of the conflict in Syria which has left hundreds of thousands of refugee children out of school.

Refugee Education in the Greek Aegean Islands

More than a third of the 15,000 people in the refugee camps in the Greek Aegean Islands are children, and fewer than 15 per cent have any form of education. Theirworld has partnered with the Education Cannot Wait Fund to provide a large-scale education response and invest in innovative pilot programs to bring additional support to these children. 

Education for Refugees in Turkey

The aim of Theirworld's projects in Turkey are to identify cost-effective interventions to support Syrian refugees in overcoming the economic, cultural and language barriers that prevent them from getting an education.

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