Every Young Person Deserves the Skills to Unleash their Potential

Every young person deserves to have the skills and preparation necessary to be engaged citizens and participate meaningfully in society. On current trends, it is predicted more than half of all young people will be left behind without the skills necessary for employment by 2030. Our campaigns, Global Youth Ambassador program, and skills projects are preparing the next generation of campaigners, coders and entrepreneurs – especially young girls – with skills for the future. 

Young adults need to gain the skills to fulfil their potential and succeed in the workplace

By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.


On current trends, by 2030, more than half of all young people will not have the skills they need for an entry level job. The skills that young people will need to successfully transition into work and participate in society are constantly changing. In an increasingly interconnected global economy and society, the social and economic costs of failing to give young people the skills they need will affect us all.

But next-generation skills go beyond the future of work and also include the skills needed to participate in society, engage as effectively in their communities, and be effective changemakers.

Quality education and skills provide the best route out of poverty, inequality, and instability, and are our best safe- guard against climate change, disease and extremism. Greater investment and commitment is needed to target, pilot and invest in solutions to change the future for this generation and those to come.

Our Campaigns

#WriteTheWrong is our campaign to end the global education crisis.  The campaign aims to secure the political will, funding, inclusion and innovation necessary to unleash the potential of the next generation through education. 

As part of our work to ensure every young person has skills for the future, we are campaigning for:

  • All governments to invest a minimum of 10% of their education budgets in early childhood education as many of the next-generation skills needed for the Fourth Industrial Revolution are developed in the early years
  • Donor pledges for the International Finance Facility for Education, reaching more than $5 billion investment for education and skills by 2019
  • A full replenishment of the Education Cannot Wait fund which is seeking to raise $1.8 billion in 2019, including funding for youth skills and education in emergencies 

Our Projects

Global Youth Ambassadors

Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassador Programme is a network of nearly 1000 young people from over 90 countries across the globe working together to end the global education crisis. It is the go-to network for youth campaigners who want to be at the centre of the future of education, learn campaigning skills and build a strong global network.

Skills for the Future & Code Clubs

Theirworld’s skills for the future clubs are spaces where girls can learn about technology and develop their skills, confidence and creativity to prepared with skills for the next generation. Participants take part in a digital technology boost course followed by a coding and entrepreneurship course which culminates in a recognisable credential for employment, apprenticeship or other entrepreneurial undertakings. The clubs are operational in Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda, Lebanon, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Inclusive Education

Theirworld’s initiative on inclusive education is aimed at raising the profile of education for children and youth with disabilities and unlocking political will and financing to deliver large-scale solutions for inclusive education. A research initiative is reviewing the potential of assistive technologies to facilitate inclusive education systems and how these solutions can go to scale. A disability brief is currently underway through the Global Business Coalition for Education to identify how the business community can support education and inclusive employment opportunities for youth.

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