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We’ve created a selection of free teaching resources for ages 7-16 to help enrich the curriculum and support global learning across your school. 

With curriculum links to subjects such as PSHE and citizenship, these flexible activities are ideal for use across a series of lessons or to support more informal learning opportunities such as tutor time or a drop down (off-timetable) day.

  • Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals and investigate the importance of education in unlocking change.

  • Explore different topics such as climate change, refugees & migration, and health & well-being. 

  • Hear from some of the inspiring young people involved in Theirworld’s projects around the world.

  • Develop skills such as communication, critical thinking and empathy. 

  • Empower young people to be education change-makers in their school communities. 

Teaching Resource

Education Unlocks Big Change

Education is one of the keys to unlocking a safe, fair and sustainable world for everyone. Tackling the climate emergency, narrowing the gender gap, combatting poverty, ending hunger – education is a critical tool in addressing many of the global challenges we face.

Teaching Resource

Education Unlocks Climate Action

Education unlocks climate action. It helps people to learn about the causes and impacts of climate change, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable lifestyles.

Teaching Resource

Education Unlocks Health and Wellbeing

Education and health are mutually reinforcing, both need to be addressed together. Education improves our health and well-being while better health increases a child’s chance of being educated.

Teaching Resource

Education Unlocks Support For Refugees

Crisis and conflict disrupt education. Refugee children are five times more likely to be missing out on an education. Almost half of all school-age refugee children are out of school and girls are less likely to be enrolled than boys.

Teaching Resource

Education Unlocks Skills and Employment

Education is critical in providing the life skills young people need for a rapidly changing and complex world.

With links to subjects such as PSHE and citizenship, these fun and flexible activities for ages 7-11 explore the skills young people need to be effective change-makers in their lives, their communities and the world around them.

Get Involved!

Keep in touch and find out more about other ways schools and young people can get involved and take action to unlock the power of education.

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