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This page has advice on how to fundraise and resources to support you.

  • Fundraising Ideas for Schools

    Fundraising for Theirworld can not only be fun but help children start to become active global citizens capable of making a positive difference to the world. It can also develop important skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork.

  • Money Return Form

    Whenever you send money to Theirworld, please enclose one of our ​Money Return Forms​, so we can keep a record of the money you have raised for us. The best way to send us the money is for you to put the money in your bank account and then send in a cheque or postal order made out to Theirworld.

  • Sponsorship form

    Use the sponsorship form to collect friends, family and colleague's names so that you know who to collect from after the event​.

  • Gift Aid form

    This is the Gift Aid form. If the person donating is a UK tax payer, which means HMRC will add an extra 25p to every £1 you give Theirworld.​

  • The Fundraising Starter Kit

    ​Find out how to set up and run your own event, as well as great ideas for getting sponsorship and how best to handle the money side of things.​