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Lesson plans, guidance notes and resources designed for young people. 

  • Education Unlocks Support For Refugees

    Crisis and conflict disrupt education. Refugee children are five times more likely to be missing out on an education. Almost half of all school-age refugee children are out of school and girls are less likely to be enrolled than boys.

  • Education Unlocks Health and Wellbeing

    Education and health are mutually reinforcing, both need to be addressed together. Education improves our health and well-being while better health increases a child’s chance of being educated.

  • Education Unlocks Climate Action

    Education unlocks climate action. It helps people to learn about the causes and impacts of climate change, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable lifestyles.

  • Education Unlocks Skills and Employment

    Education is critical in providing the life skills young people need for a rapidly changing and complex world.

    With links to subjects such as PSHE and citizenship, these fun and flexible activities for ages 7-11 explore the skills young people need to be effective change-makers in their lives, their communities and the world around them.

  • Education Unlocks Big Change

    Education is one of the keys to unlocking a safe, fair and sustainable world for everyone. Tackling the climate emergency, narrowing the gender gap, combatting poverty, ending hunger – education is a critical tool in addressing many of the global challenges we face.