High Five an under 5!

The first five years of your life has everything to do with how you turn out as an adult - literally.

From brain development and good nutrition to play and imagination building, those early years set us up for success in later life. Which is why #5for5, Theirworld’s global campaign is aiming to change how the the world thinks about early childhood development, but we need your help!

That’s why our #5for5 campaign is all about taking small actions, which could have a big impact. It’s all about giving people a way to stand up for children who haven’t quite mastered standing yet.

5 seconds. 5 steps. 5 goals. It’s all #5for5.

And if you’ve got 5 seconds to spare now - share a video (or photo!) of you high-fiving an under-5, and show your support.

How to #5for5

  1. Film yourself high-fiving a child under five
  2. Share the video on social media - Facebook, Instagram or Twitter - on Thursday 9 February
  3. Include a sentence about why you're supporting #5for5
  4. Make sure you include #5for5 and the link: theirworld.org/5for5
A High Five