Keep schools open for Palestinian children

The education of 500,000 children has just been put at risk.

For over 60 years UNRWA has run schools for Palestinian refugee children across the region.

But without notice, the USA has cut two-thirds of their funding to the United Nations agency that runs schools across Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan and even in Syria, despite the war.

Every child has the right to education, no matter where they are born. These are some of the children who need it most.

So in light of this decision, we’re sending a message to other governments from across the world to step up and help find long-term funding to protect education for these children.

It shouldn’t be this way. But already, Belgium and Sweden have shown the world what real leadership can look like, bringing forward their pledges to help keep the school doors open and Palestinian children learning.

But UNRWA, its staff and its teachers still need more funding to fill the gap left by President Trump to support  their determination not to turn their backs on these children and their future.

So, let's start by sending a message to some of UNRWA’s biggest supporters after the USA to make sure Palestinian children don’t lose their education.

We’ve never faced a moment where so many children’s futures have been put at risk so suddenly without conflict or disaster.

But together, we can be protect education.

Send the letter

To the Governments of Finland, The Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland and The United Kingdom:

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