#WriteTheWrong: Shahed's message

Shahed, 9, a Syrian refugee now in school - unlike 800,000 others lik her

In 2016, a promise was made to 1.7 million Syrian refugee children. A promise of a brighter future. The promise of education. 

World leaders pledged to send every Syrian refugee child to school - the kind of promise you don’t break.

Now, over 1 million Syrian refugee children are in school and planning for a better future. For these children, that promise in 2016 was life-changing.

But over 800,000 others are still waiting for that promise to be kept. 

Shahed says "When I grown up I want to teach young children… so they can have a better future" - but they can't wait that long. World leaders need to finish the #WriteTheWrong and make their promise a reality for every child. 

So this week, let's make sure they hear Shahed's voice - and remember their promise to the children of Syria.

Demand world leaders #WriteTheWrong now!

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