You Promised

In early 2016, a promise was made to 1.7 million Syrian refugee children. World leaders pledged that their futures wouldn’t be abandoned. They promised the money to send all those children to school. It’s the kind of promise you don’t break.

Now, well more than half of all Syrian refugee children are being given an education – and a future. For many of them, that day in 2016 was life-changing.

But we can’t celebrate just yet. Over half a million are still waiting for that promise to be kept. They're waiting, and their futures with it.

We can get every single one of those kids into school. We just need world leaders to stump up the rest of the money necessary to turn their promise from words into a reality. 

Now we need your help to make sure they hear Leena’s voice - and remember their promise to the children of Syria.

Every Syrian refugee children belongs in school - and we need your help to get them there: demand world leaders attention now!

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