Childcare has long been overlooked as a global issue and is often misunderstood. High-quality early childcare is crucial for children's safety, development and to prepare them for school. This allows parents to go out to work and allows older siblings to stay at school longer.

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Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory

Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory

Researchers at the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory are doing vital work to discover more about the causes of babies being born early and finding better ways to care for them. The aim is to minimise some of the life-threatening complications that can arise for mothers and babies.
Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort

Theirworld Edinburgh Birth Cohort

This project is a research programme which studies the long-term effects of early birth. The study includes social, educational and clinical information. It is the first research initiative in the world to investigate perinatal brain injury this comprehensively.​


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Child nutrition (early childhood development)

An explanation of child nutrition and how it contributes to allowing children's brains and bodies to develop properly.

Health and education convergence

Learn about health and education convergence, where the idea came from and how it works in practice.

Learning through play (early childhood development)

Find out about the importance of learning through play and the serious issues if a young child is not given enough opportunity to play.

Safe pregnancy and birth

Learn about the importance of safe pregnancy and childbirth for women in the poorest nations - and how without it death and disadvantage are likely outcomes.


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Safe Spaces Brief: Protecting Brain Development in Emergencies (February 2017)

While humanitarian responses typically focus on the physical needs of children ages 0 to 5, negative experiences caused by crisis can also lead to poor cognitive and socioemotional development, hampering future learning and increasing the risk for long term health and behaviour problems. Early childhood programmes that provide nurturing care, a safe environment to play and learn, and support for caregivers ensure children not only survive, but have the best start for a good future.

Safe Spaces Brief: Protecting The Most Vulnerable in Emergencies and Disasters (February 2017)

February 17, 2017 &emdash; Despite the tremendous need, early childhood development remains seriously under-prioritised in emergency response. This brief outlines the shortfalls in the provision of Safe Spaces for children to grow and thrive in emergency, conflict, or vulnerable environments.

Early Childhood Development and the Childcare Crisis (June 2016)

See the impact of the lack of childcare, the benefits of early years care and development and five recommendations to achieve universal access to high-quality childcare.

Stop neglecting pre-primary education investments (June 2016)

This scorecard examines how the development of millions of children will suffer unless governments step up and increase their commitment to pre-primary education for every child.