September 12, 2018

"We marched on the streets of Kinshasa to raise awareness about the importance of school"

Danielle Tundula, REPER Activities Manager, Christian Bilongi, MAPENDO Coordinator and Clareine N'lambi Nzeza, SG of REPER

Photo credit: Clareine Nlambi Nzeza

Clareine N'lambi Nzeza

Global Youth Ambassador from the Democratic Republic of the Congo

A Global Youth Ambassador from the DRC tells how she took part in an event to promote education and help street children.

On Saturday, August 4 we marched on the streets of Kinshasa to raise awareness about the importance of school in the lives of children. This activity was organised in preparation for the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, which started this month.

Our NGO REPER (Realités and Perspectives) promotes education and it was represented by me as Secretary General and one of our team members, Danielle Tundula, in charge of the activities. 

We participated in the event with the invitation of MAPENDO, a partner NGO. MAPENDO is an association that aims to inspire the desire to offer a smile to those in need through unity and love in order to build a better world.

We came together to help street children by collecting school furniture or money from people in the street who did not hesitate to contribute.

The starting point was the MAPENDO’s headquarters and the drop-off point was the LIKEMO Centre, a centre for street children, in the Bandal commune.

The walk brought together over 50 volunteers and over 100,000 FC. The  donations and supplies collected were donated to Centre LIKEMO. 

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