Those under 18 who are used in the military, whether as fighters or in some other role, are known as child soldiers.

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Child labour

Learn what child labour is and why it affects millions of children all over the world. The work that children do may prevent them from going to school, it may be hazardous, illegal or affect their physical and mental well-being.

Child soldiers

Any girl or boy below the age of 18 who is recruited or used by an armed force or armed group, in any capacity is known as a child soldier.

Child trafficking

Find out about the extent of child trafficking and the steps that are being taken to address it.

Global Business Coalition for Education

About the Global Business Coalition for Education, which brings the business community together to accelerate progress in delivering quality education to all children and youth.


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Child labour and education in emergencies (June 2015)

Conflict and emergencies drive children out of education and into work, forced labour and child marriage. But education in emergencies offers a way to break the cycle of poverty for these children and their families.