Every young adult must have access to skills development.

Young adults need to gain the skills to fulfil their potential and succeed in the workplace.

By 2030, substantially increase the number of youth and adults who have relevant skills, including technical and vocational skills, for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship.

The skills that young people will need to successfully transition into work and adulthood are changing. in an increasingly interconnected global economy and society, the social and economic costs of failing to give young people the skills they need will affect us all.

What is the issue?

The world is changing rapidly - and those who do not gain the skills they need for adulthood and work in the 21st century will be left behind. Using technology to increase access to education and skills development is vital in giving every young person the opportunity to succeed at work.

Education and skills provide the best route out of poverty, inequality, and instability, and are our best safe- guard against climate change, disease and extremism. Greater investment and commitment is needed to target, pilot and invest in solutions to change the future for this generation and those to come.

How are we fighting for this cause?

We are raising awareness through reports, projects and campaigns. 

Our #Rewriting the Code campaign is aimed at changing the embedded values that keep millions of girls around the world out of school. It calls on the international community to start getting serious about shaping the future for a generation of women.

We have launched Code Clubs in Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria. They are safe spaces where girls can learn about technology and develop their skills, confidence and creativity. They learn how to build a computer, make games and artworks, and express themselves with code.

Theirworld has also written or contributed to reports about how technology can be harnessed to deliver education and skills to Syrian refugee youth

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