A World at School

Formed in 2013, A World at School is a diverse movement of youth, business leaders, influential individuals, NGOs, faith groups, and media aimed at making sure all children receive a quality education, which is safe and free from discrimination.

In recent years, millions of individuals, including more than 250 organisations, have joined forces and become part of the global movement to support the cause.

What is the impact of the movement?

At a global level

A World at School offers a powerful voice with a strong influence over global policy. It provides a community of NGOs, researchers, policy makers and global leaders with analysis and review of the latest data, helping them make vital decisions when it comes to funding for education. 

A World at School facilitates the way organisations and individuals work together to take care of the part that children play in the "transformation of our world" in the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals

By 2030 ensure every child completes free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education.

Between organisations and businesses

Organisations who work in the same fields with similar interests, benefit from a convening movement such as A World at School to help them unite and take action more efficiently around particular issues. A World at School has forged links between organisations focused on health, human rights, gender rights, child labour and other issues.

Among young individuals

We offer young people aged 18 to 30 all over the world the opportunity to become a Global Youth Ambassador. This group of over 500 volunteer advocates and campaigners in over 80 countries, receive one year of training and advice to help them:

  • Raise awareness of children and young people's needs in their communities and globally by setting up events
  • Amplify the voices of those who need to be heard, particularly vulnerable children
  • Bring the message to global leaders at, for example, the UN General Assembly - they are given public speaking and blogging opportunities
  • Set up campaigns that further the cause both online and offline

Find out more about becoming a Global Youth Ambassador.

How can you take part in the movement to get every child into school and learning?

By taking action in our campaigns, you help us further the cause to get every child into school and learning. Your action has an influence on global leaders as well as at the local community level, as you help us spread the message that every child deserves a free, quality education, which is free from discrimination.

Take Action

#YouPromised: Send a message to world leaders

World leaders made a promise to get every Syrian refugee child into school. They're half way there. Tell them that now they must deliver for the rest.

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