Global Youth Ambassadors

Girls do not deserve to be discriminated against."

"Children in emergency situations do not deserve to miss out on the lifeline that education gives them."

"Every young person has the right to a good quality and safe education."

These are just some of the messages that nearly 1000 young advocates and campaigners are spreading throughout the world. Our GYAs are in more than 90 countries and have a thriving online community.

Who are the Global Youth Ambassadors?

The A World at School Global Youth Ambassadors are a network of young people advocating and campaigning for education change around the world.

Who can be a Global Youth Ambassador?

The network offers passionate education advocates between 18 and 29 the opportunity to connect with, and learn, from other young people, while gaining knowledge and developing their skills.

As part of the network, Theirworld Global Youth Ambassadors (GYAs) are encouraged to take action on global education campaigns with Theirworld's A World at School movement

Mona Hassan's story as Global Youth Ambassador

Mona Hassan is a 22-year-old Palestinian refugee studying medicine in Beirut. She felt that World Refugee Day was the perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of education in emergencies and refugee children out of school.

She set up a photography competition and exhibition in Beirut and built up a following with the hashtag #morethanarefugee.

By sharing inspiring, positive stories of hope, the GYAs in Lebanon highlighted the importance of investing in the future of refugee children, while challenging the discrimination they often face.

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"Without the support of the Global Youth Ambassador programme, I wouldn't have reached where I am today regarding my advocacy for educational rights."

Salimatou, Gambia.

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