December 29, 2017

In pictures: Joy, fear and hope on the faces of children in 2017

Children at an early childhood development centre in Kenya have fun with bubbles

Photo credit: Theirworld / David Kabiru

Some of the best photos of the year as we highlighted the importance of education and early years care - particularly for marginalised children and those in conflicts.

What many believe is impossible - educating every child in the world - Theirworld knows is possible. We work to unlock the solutions needed, helping every child to have the best possible start in life. 

That means investing in early childhood development and ensuring every child is in school and learning. Our commitment is to the most marginalised children and young people, especially those caught up in conflicts and humanitarian emergencies or discriminated against.

Throughout the year - in our Their News and Voices channels - we tell the stories of children and young people who are facing severe challenges - and those who have been helped over the hurdles and into a better life.

Along the way, we see joy and despair, horror and hope - often on the faces of children in the pictures we publish. Here we look at some of the best photographs featured on Theirworld's website during 2017.

Syrian refugees line up during a class break while at school in Zouq Bhanin Village, Lebanon

Photo credit: World Bank

Tanzania struggles to get child labourers out of gold mines and into school

Photo credit: Human Rights Watch

Refugee children in Turkey are learning circus tricks from Her Yerde Sanat to help them integrate into their host country

Photo credit: Her Yerde Sanat / Facebook

An Indian auxiliary nurse midwife administers polio drops and vaccinations to pregnant women and children at Chandmari Juggi in Vijaynagar District

Photo credit: UNICEF / Vishwanathan

Young girls walk to school in Bama camp in northeast Nigeria. Girls were particular targets for Boko Haram militants and many were severely traumatised by years of violence

Photo credit: UNHCR

Scans of newborn babies were published that showed how diseases like autism develop or how pregnancy affects brain growth

Photo credit: The Developing Human Connectome Project

Indian teenagers called off a hunger strike after authorities stepped in to ensure they would not face sexual harassment travelling to school

Photo credit: PTI

Classrooms have been destroyed and even set on fire in Mali in 2017

Photo credit: GCPEA

Clinical psychologists reveal that laughing is a way for children to engage with others and of connecting via a shared experience

Photo credit: Aravind Kumar

Theirworld's #5for5 campaign calls for more investment in the first five years of a child’s life with the help of comedian Matt Lucas

Photo credit: Theirworld / Geoff Crawford

Girls learn to code at a Theirworld Code Club in Mbagala, Tanzania

Photo credit: Theirworld / Mticka Albas

Children in Syria saw daily acts of violence and destruction during 2017

Photo credit: Freedom House

A boy from the Mursi indigenous peoples, a pastoralist ethnic group in Ethiopia

Photo credit: Rob Waddington

Children in South Sudan need support to deal with their experiences of war

Photo credit: UNICEF / WFP

Tiquania, 2, and Tiquanisha, 5, play on a swing tied to a tree, near fallen trees and debris outside their home, on the island of Anguilla after Hurricane Irma hit

Dozens of children died after a school was destroyed by an earthquake in Mexico

Photo credit: Brian Voldigar / Twitter

Zannah Mustapha's work in education won him the UN's Nansen Refugee Award

Photo credit: UNHCR

Almost 12 million Syrian children inside the country and in neighbouring nations need humanitarian assistance

Photo credit: Education Above All

Children in Tanzania use tablets for learning

Photo credit: Global Learning XPRIZE

Terrified children flee from a kindergarten bombing in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Photo credit: Ghouta Media Center

Pakistani children aged three to five enjoy an active learning day at Ms Shazia's ECD Centre in the village of Mahapur

Photo credit: Parwaan ECED

Six-year-old Ahmed Idlib at a bombed school in Syria. He says: “I wanted to become a doctor but perhaps I won’t become anything because our school was attacked."

Schoolboys walk arm-in-arm to class in Kenema District, Sierra Leone

Photo credit: UNICEF / Phelps

Three-year-old Nichole is ready for her first day of school at the Little Rock Early Childhood Centre in Kibera, Kenya

Photo credit: UNICEF / Ohanesian

In Yemen, the United Nations verified 1340 child casualties

Photo credit: UNICEF

Step by step, schools returned to normality after Hurricane Maria

Photo credit: Department of Education

Hundreds of schools in Yemen have been bombed in air strikes throughout 2017

Photo credit: OCHA

Many of South Africa's rural children are missing out on the building blocks of early childhood development

Photo credit: Ilifa Labantwana

Children around the world are being injured during conflict

Photo credit: UNICEF

Rohingya children struggle with new life in refugee camps

Photo credit: UNHCR
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