December 24, 2018

Pictures of the year: Joy, fear and hope on the faces of children

Some of the best photos of 2018 as we highlighted the importance of education and early years care for every child.

What many believe is impossible - educating every child in the world - Theirworld knows is possible. We work to unlock the solutions needed, helping every child to have the best possible start in life. 

That means investing in early childhood development and ensuring every child is in school and learning. Our commitment is to the most marginalised children and young people, especially those caught up in conflicts and humanitarian emergencies or discriminated against.

Throughout the year - in our Their News and Voices channels - we tell the stories of children and young people who are facing severe challenges - and those who have been helped over the hurdles and into a better life.

Along the way, we see joy and despair, horror and hope - often on the faces of children in the pictures we publish. Here we look at some of the best photographs featured on Theirworld's website during 2018.

Conflict and hunger pushed South Sudanese children to work on the streets. In a country where 72% of children are out of school, the number of street kids facing danger and exploitation is increasing.

Photo credit: UNICEF

This beehive building is a classroom for refugees, built by refugees. Emergency Architecture & Human Rights is building sandbag schools to host Syrian and Jordanian children in Za’atari.

Photo credit: EAHR

A boy runs past buildings damaged by air strikes in Yemen. Nearly half a million children have dropped out of school since 2015, bringing the total to two million.

Photo credit: Giles Clarke / OCHA

Lera 10, sits in a classroom at a school in Marinka, Ukraine. The fighting is in its fifth year and more than 10,000 people have been killed in unrest that the world seems to have forgotten.

Photo credit: UNICEF / Gilberston

One million children had their education disrupted by a typhoon in the Philippines. 170 schools suffered flooding and almost 2000 classrooms were destroyed or damaged.

Photo credit: UNICEF / Jeffrey Maitem

Children play at the SHOFCO-run Kibera School for Girls in Kenya. People living in slums experience extreme poverty, violence, lack of opportunity and deep gender inequality.

Photo credit: SHOFCO

Shakira had a powerful message for Colombia's government when she attended ceremonies to launch two new schools. "A school opens and the world changes," she said.

Photo credit: Shakira / Twitter

The Duke of Cambridge met Syrian refugee children during a visit to Jerash, Jordan. He chatted to youngsters and their families about better learning opportunities for vulnerable children.

A mobile library helps out of school children in Kabul. The bus has chairs and desks for children to sit and read - a luxury in Afghanistan, where four in 10 schools do not even have a building

A convoy of thousands of migrants snaking its way slowly through southern Mexico are determined to reach the United States. The journey has left children exposed to many dangers.

Photo credit: UN Photo

Many communities in remote areas in Kenya are not connected to the grid but now sunshine is being used to power some of the one million tablets that were given to primary students.

Photo credit: OVO Foundation

The Duchess of Sussex spoke about education being the key to economic and social development during a visit to Fiji. She put the spotlight on the value of girls' education.

An inclusive playground is letting all children play together in the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan. It is home to about 80,000 Syrians - and 19,000 children go to school there. 

Photo credit: UNICEF / Herwig

Chinese boy Wang Fuman was pictured with icicles in his hair after walking for three miles in bitterly cold temperatures so he could take an exam.

Palestinian children at a school run by UNRWA in Gaza. Continuing violence in Gaza means the education of 270,000 children has been disrupted.

Over 200 children from across the world took part in the Street Child World Cup. The tournament in Russia put the spotlight on the millions of boys and girls living on the streets.

Photo credit: Street Child United

Thousands of Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan kids are moving into the local education system in Greece. Access to regular schooling has enabled migrant and refugee children to integrate.

350,000 Rohingya refugee children can look forward to an education as 2000 teachers are hired to help children return to school.

Photo credit: UNHCR

Children clean up classrooms as schools reopen after the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. The 7.5 magnitude quake in September brought down many buildings on Sulawesi island.

Photo credit: UNICEF / Wilander

Dynamo urged world leaders to fund education for every Syrian refugee child after a trip to Lebanon to meet Syrian kids

Donkey school buses take young children to their classes in rural parts of The Gambia. The green cart has seating for 10 and takes young children to their school two miles away.

Photo credit: World Bank / Aylin Elci

Children as young as six continue to dig for cobalt in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2017, about 152 million children aged from five to 17 were engaged in child labour.

Photo credit: UNICEF

A child is rescued from her bombed home in Hamorya City, Eastern Ghouta. The escalating battle for control of the rebel-held Syrian region is taking a terrible toll on its people.

Photo credit: White Helmets

Children attend lessons on floating boat schools during floods in Bangladesh. Climate change is causing increasing problems in this vulnerable country.

Photo credit: Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha

A Mexican woman fulfilled her dreams by starting high school at the age of 96. Guadalupe Palacios was welcomed with applause by other students.

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