Investing Smart, Investing Early: Early Childhood Development in Kenya (May 2017)

Investing Smart, Investing Early focuses specifically on business support for early childhood development in Kenya, building on the Global Business Coalition for Education’s business case for early childhood development (2016) as well as the summary guide on family-friendly policies (2017).


Investing Smart Investing Early: ECD In Kenya

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This guide highlights successful early childhood programs implemented by Kenyan companies, illustrating how these policies can be put into practice. Naturally, the diversity of company size, industry, location, and employee composition means that policies and programs cannot be one-size-fits-all. No company can do everything, but the wide range of possibilities means that every company can do something to support healthy early childhood development. This guide is intended to assist with designing and implementing internal family-friendly policies, as well as community outreach and corporate social responsibility projects, aimed at improving and safeguarding children’s early childhood development for all children in Kenya. While the focus is on Kenya, many of the lessons are universal.

There are many diverse ways for companies large and small to support Kenya’s youngest children. What’s the best approach for your company? 

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