There's a global gap in education funding which threatens the goal of all children getting a quality primary and secondary education. Developing countries do not have enough resources. Aid from international donors is dropping and is not targeted to where it will have most impact.

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Refugees and Vulnerable Children in Lebanon

Refugees and Vulnerable Children in Lebanon

Theirworld has been working in Lebanon to expand access to education through research, advocacy and campaigning, tackling the impact of the conflict in Syria which has left more than one million refugee children out of school.
Education for Refugees in Turkey

Education for Refugees in Turkey

The aim of Theirworld's pilot projects in Turkey are to identify cost-effective interventions to get around the economic, cultural and language barriers that prevent Syrian refugees from getting an education.


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Education Cannot Wait fund

The Education Cannot Wait fund is the first global fund to give vital support to children who are affected by humanitarian emergencies including conflicts, natural disasters and other crises. All children have the right to receive an education, including those in emergencies.

Education Commission

Find more information about the structure, objectives and work of the Education Commission.

Education funding

Why there is a global gap in education funding and how this threatens the goal of all girls and boys getting a quality primary and secondary education.

Refugees and internally displaced people

Refugees and internally displaced children often do not have access to education or schools. This page defines the difference between refugees and internally displaced people, and describes several ways they may be supported.


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39 million girls at risk: are humanitarian responses doing enough? (May 2016)

November 07, 2016 &emdash; Steps are needed to address girls' specific needs during crises. Here is a closer look at the issue and recommendations for action.

Don't Leave Them Out: 80 Million Children Need Urgent Action on Funding Education in Emergencies (March 2016)

Information about the scale of the education in emergencies funding crisis and what needs to be done to address this.

Finding solutions to Greece’s refugee education crisis

April 27, 2020 &emdash; The refugee crisis in the Greek Aegean islands has reached an untenable situation which requires urgent action by the Greek authorities and the international community. This report shows a way forward.