Millions of children across the world miss out on school as a result of humanitarian emergencies including conflicts, natural disasters and health crises. Education can be lifesaving - not being in school in emergencies can leave children at risk of child labour, early marriage, exploitation and recruitment into child labour.

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Children with disabilities

Children with disabilities are more likely to miss out on school than other children - and about global commitments to overcome the barriers and give inclusive education to all children.

Early childhood development

Learn about how early childhood development supports children’s nurturing care and development from birth to age five- and how Theirworld is campaigning for urgent action to make sure all children have access to the full range of nurturing care.

Education Cannot Wait fund

The Education Cannot Wait fund is the first global fund to give vital support to children who are affected by humanitarian emergencies including conflicts, natural disasters and other crises. All children have the right to receive an education, including those in emergencies.

Education in emergencies

Find out why education is vital to millions of children affected by humanitarian emergencies across the world.


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Safe Spaces Brief: Protecting Brain Development in Emergencies (February 2017)

While humanitarian responses typically focus on the physical needs of children ages 0 to 5, negative experiences caused by crisis can also lead to poor cognitive and socioemotional development, hampering future learning and increasing the risk for long term health and behaviour problems. Early childhood programmes that provide nurturing care, a safe environment to play and learn, and support for caregivers ensure children not only survive, but have the best start for a good future.

Safe Spaces - The Urgent Need for Early Childhood Development in Emergencies and Disasters (September 2016)

How Safe Spaces can provide support to help babies and young children survive and develop despite the physical, emotional and psychological trauma inflicted by emergency situations.

Child labour and education in emergencies (June 2015)

Conflict and emergencies drive children out of education and into work, forced labour and child marriage. But education in emergencies offers a way to break the cycle of poverty for these children and their families.

Finding solutions to Greece’s refugee education crisis

April 27, 2020 &emdash; The refugee crisis in the Greek Aegean islands has reached an untenable situation which requires urgent action by the Greek authorities and the international community. This report shows a way forward.