Millions of girls and young women miss out on school - even though educating girls has huge benefits for health, prosperity and security. There has been progress but much work is still needed to break down barriers that prevent girls from going to school such as child marriage and cultural discrimination.

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Skills for Their Future & Code Clubs

Skills for Their Future & Code Clubs

Code Clubs are spaces where girls can learn about technology and develop their skills, confidence and creativity. The clubs help girls to build skills they need in a technology-driven economy and to be aware how critical thinking and leadership can be applied in their own communities.​
Child Marriage-Free Zone

Child Marriage-Free Zone

By 2016 this project directly benefitted over 900 girls and women in Pakistan alone. The project empowered youth groups to campaign against child marriages, training marriage registrars on the issue and creating an online resource for information on the issue.


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Child marriage

Learn what child marriage is and why it is a global problem. Understand how it can disrupt girls' educations and the steps that can be taken to tackle the issue.

Girls' education

Discover more about the barriers - such as child marriage and cultural discrimination - that stop millions of girls from going to school.

Right to education

Find out what we mean by the right to education and how important it is that every child is able to get a quality education without discrimination.


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More chores for girls in the UK means less time for school work

​Research by Theirworld reveals that two-thirds of girls are doing more cooking and cleaning in lockdown.

Building a better future: Syrian girls' education in Turkey (October 2016)

​In conflict, natural disasters, and other emergencies, girls face particular vulnerabilities and barriers that can frequently prevent them from realising their right to education. Displacement, poverty and the breakdown of familial and social protection mechanisms can place girls at higher risk of sexual abuse, violence, exploitation and early forced marriage.

39 million girls at risk: are humanitarian responses doing enough? (May 2016)

November 07, 2016 &emdash; Steps are needed to address girls' specific needs during crises. Here is a closer look at the issue and recommendations for action.