Safe schools are needed by children who are affected by crisis, conflict or by natural disasters so that they can carry on their education and reach their full potential.

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The Safe Schools Initiative

The Safe Schools Initiative

Safe Schools Initiatives have been backed by support from Theirworld, the A World at School movement and the Global Business Coalition for Education. Safe Schools offer vulnerable children supervision, care, community and education in crisis or disaster areas.
Global Youth Ambassadors

Global Youth Ambassadors

Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassador programme is a network of nearly 1,000 young people from more than 70 countries across the globe working together to end the global education crisis.


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Safe Schools Declaration

Learn about the Safe Schools Declaration and how it aims to protect students, teachers and education facilities during times of armed conflict.

Safe Schools

Learn about why Safe Schools are important and the measures put in place to help children continue their education during crisis, conflict or after a natural disaster.


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Safe Schools: An Education Free from Violence (August 2017)

December 08, 2017 &emdash; Every child in the world has the right to an education without fear of violence or attack. But millions of children have their education disrupted. This Safe Schools briefing outlines the scale and impact of violence and calls for action from governments, donors and the global community.

Pakistan Safe Schools Initiative (February 2015)

In the wake of the Peshawar school massacre and terrorist attacks on thousands of schools, A World at School launched a 15-point plan for a Pakistan Safe Schools Initiative. It was backed by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Finding solutions to Greece’s refugee education crisis

April 27, 2020 &emdash; The refugee crisis in the Greek Aegean islands has reached an untenable situation which requires urgent action by the Greek authorities and the international community. This report shows a way forward.