April 19, 2016

"As a member of the Youth Panel at the Education Commission, I am empowered to engage my communities"

Benedict Joson

Global Youth Ambassador from the Philippines

Benedict Joson with Shakira and Gordon Brown and the #UpForSchool Petition

Benedict Joson, left, with fellow Global Youth Ambassador Dawnique Shury, Shakira and Gordon Brown as the #UpForSchool Petition is presented in 2015


The Education Commission - which includes five former prime ministers and presidents and three Nobel Prize winners - is examining how to reverse the lack of financing for education around the world.

It also has a Youth Panel, which includes four of A World at School's Global Youth Ambassadors. One of them, Benedict Joson, attended the latest commission meeting in Washington, DC, on April 13. Here is his take on the day's events.

By Benedict Joson, an A World at School Global Youth Ambassador from the Philippines

As a member of the Youth Panel, I am empowered to engage my communities - my hometown of New York City and native country of the Philippines - in consultations and a youth video challenge to garner diverse perspectives on the future of education, skills development and lifelong learning for young people.

With an aim to facilitate the broadest outreach, I have organised virtual forums utilising Google on Air, to allow for civil society, social sector, business and government members to participate.

In order to engage youth ages 13 to 30 for the video challenge, I am using social media and focused email campaigns to my network and their peers. 

On April 13, I represented the Youth Panel at the third meeting of the Education Commission held at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, DC.

The commission's research team presented a preliminary report accounting for the latest knowledge and inputs on trends and technologies affecting schools, teachers, students and society with the necessary means and methods to mobilise public and private financing for education.

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