December 20, 2016

"Here are the best moments of 2016 for our amazing Global Youth Ambassadors"

Global Youth Ambassadors hold a workshop in Lebanon in April

Photo credit: Yara Harake

Eleanor Gall

Project Co-ordinator, Theirworld

Theirworld has 500 Global Youth Ambassadors in more than 80 countries, advocating for children to get the best start in life - here's a glance at some of their activities over the past year.

The Global Youth Ambassadors network brings passionate young people from all over the world together to connect, share and learn from one another. 

They take action to support our campaigns globally and in their own countries and communities. Whether it's raising awareness on social media, writing blogs and letters to world leaders, or organising a meeting with their local politician, our Global Youth Ambassadors play a crucial role in each of our campaigns. 

As a very busy 2016 comes to a close, Theirworld's Youth Team look back on some of the amazing network’s best moments this year. This is what we shared with our Global Youth Ambassadors in their newsletter.

JANUARY: To start the year off, we asked and you answered! You shared your feedback, opinions and suggestions in our 2016 Network Survey.

FEBRUARY: Soulayma Mardam, one of our Youth Ambassadors in Lebanon, travelled to London for the Supporting Syria conference to connect children's voices with world leaders.

MARCH: On International Women's Day, Nyasha, Aya and Hellen championed girls’ education through our #RewritingTheCode campaign.

APRIL: The Youth Team travelled to Beirut where we learned about education in emergencies, shared ideas and made exciting plans at the Lebanon GYA Workshop. Above is Sarah Fleihan from Lebanon.

MAY: Spotlight on #SafeSchools: you sent letters, collected drawings, created poetry, wrote blogs - and seven of you attended the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul. Here Anoka Abeyrathne from Sri Lanka talking to Theirworld President Sarah Brown.

JUNE: Moses from Liberia, John from Benin and Ichide and Ijeoma from Nigeria used Theirworld small grants to campaign for #SafeSchools on Day of the African Child. The Global Youth Ambassadors in Lebanon challenged negative stereotypes against refugees through their photography competition and exhibition to mark World Refugee Day.

JULY: We welcomed over 80 new Global Youth Ambassadors with lots of energy and ideas to the network. They included Enock Nkuranga from Rwanda.

AUGUST: On International Youth Day Sarah Brown and the team at Theirworld said THANK YOU! Alexandra from Norway put pressure on her government to keep their promises to children by handing over thousands of #SafeSchools messages.

SEPTEMBER: Taha from India and Ousmane from Sierra Leone represented the GYA network in New York for the United Nations General Assembly - reporting, Instagramming, blogging and campaigning!

OCTOBER: Spotlight on #5for5: Sylvia from Uganda met with the Commissioner for Children and Youth to talk to him about every child's right to the best start in life - and he pledged his support for the campaign!

NOVEMBER: On Universal Children's Day you shared your under-five photos all over social media to help raise awareness of our campaign. This cute picture shows Joy Tiku Enighe from Nigeria.

DECEMBER: Time to reflect on a brilliant year! With many challenges ahead of us it's time to plan, prioritise and re-energise.

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