Mary Contini Photography from Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory dinner hosted by Valvona & Crolla, Edinburgh in May 2022.

Case study Valvona & Crolla

Mary Contini OBE is a bestselling cookery author and an avid campaigner for good, home-cooked food. She has a passion for promoting a healthy diet for children. She was awarded the title “Cavaliere” by the republic of Italy in 1991. Mary is a director of world-renowned Italian delicatessen Valvona & Crolla in Edinburgh.

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How long have you partnered with Theirworld?

Valvona & Crolla have supported Theirworld for over 20 years since they started their journey with Piggy Bank Kids.

How have you supported Theirworld through the partnership?

We have supported through our business, introducing contacts and information as requested and engaging in Theirworld’s awareness campaigns. 

Why do you think the work Theirworld does is important?

As second-generation Italian immigrants who benefited from education when our own parents didn’t, we know firsthand the life-changing opportunities and benefits education brings.

What does this partnership mean to you?

We are proud to be associated and to support the honourable work of Theirworld. As employers of young people, we are inspired by the Youth Ambassador programme and love to see their exceptional successes and ongoing leadership roles. It is a great role model for our own company.

What would you say to others considering partnering with Theirworld?

Theirworld has a proven record over 20 years from a small initiative to being in the position to influence governments and global brands to support the youth of tomorrow.  They have consistently raised the argument for education, now recognised as a human right.  They stand up on the global stage to call for education and equal opportunities for girls, a right that is being cruelly withdrawn in many countries. With the turmoil in the very precarious world of today, their work has never been more important.