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About the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory

Every year, 15 million children are born pre-term (before 37 weeks) and it is still the biggest cause of death and disability among newborn babies. Children born early are more likely to develop problems that affect their entire lives such as learning difficulties, problems with their sight and hearing, behavioural issues and cerebral palsy. Sadly, there is still a great deal that doctors don’t know about this area of medicine.

The Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory was set up at the University of Edinburgh as a pioneering project of Theirworld in 2004. It works to better identify women at risk of premature birth, explore how we can develop treatments to prevent early labour and research how we can better help newborn babies in those first crucial hours and days after birth.

The Laboratory was founded by Sarah and Gordon Brown in memory of their first child Jennifer, who tragically died in 2002, just ten days after she was born at 33 weeks.

Premature birth

is the single biggest cause of death and disability among new babies.

What does the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory do?

In 2015, the Laboratory launched The Edinburgh Birth Cohort – a world-first research programme monitoring the progress of 400 babies – both premature and full term – from birth to adulthood over 25 years. The purpose is to examine the impact of preterm birth on the brain and to improve the future outcome of preterm infants.

Over the years, the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory has had some extraordinary breakthroughs: research facilitated by the Laboratory around the correct oxygen levels for babies in incubators has already meant that doctors and nurses caring for preterm babies are better equipped to look after them.

But we need your support now more than ever.

Why support the Jennifer Brown Research Laboratory?

As an organisation that doesn’t receive any financial support from the government, we need your help to ensure we can continue our vital research work at the Laboratory. We want to ensure that all children – including those born early – get the best start in life.

Please donate now and help us ensure that all children are brought into the world happy and healthy.

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