2015 is the year of education in Yemen

Education has a big significance in the life of every nation that wants to progress. Prime Minister Khaled Bahah has announced that 2015 will be the year of education in Yemen.

In his speech (pictured above), during the annual festival for honouring the top high school students for the school year 2013- 2014, he confirmed the government’s commitment to continue to support the education sector.

He said: “The immediate objective before us today is to circulate education and make it available for all sons of the Yemeni people so as to achieve the goals of Education for All.”

Mr Bahah pointed to the importance of improving the quality of education and linking it to the needs of economic and social development. In this regard, he urged workers in the educational sector to shoulder their responsibility by seeking to benefit from new and feasible experiences in the educational field.

Sadam Al-Adwar, Global Youth Ambassador from Yemen

As a Global Youth Ambassador from Yemen, I believe education is the answer to the greatest challenges we face as a society. In this year for education in Yemen, we can work hard to ask leaders to raise budgets, build schools, train teachers and improve learning for all children, especially those iin this country.

It has been shown that over one million children are out of school in Yemen and about 30% of students do not have a desk to sit at when in school. Unless we reverse current trends, we will not even achieve the second Millennium Development Goal of universal primary education until 2086.

Yemen is passing through a very critical time where education is facing many problems as well as a lot of conflict issues around the country. If we want to achieve the strategy of this year, we must put in our mind that there is no place in our educational institutions for political or sectarian affiliation and we have to work firmly in order to give attention to talented students.

2015 has already started and we look forward to seeing the Ministry of Education in Yemen doing its part in developing educational policies, curricula, teaching and evaluation methods, and in providing effective professional development for teachers, administrators and educationalist to contribute to the education improvement of Yemen.