Capture the moment: Mobiles for Education

In January, our Global Youth Ambassadors held a Mobile Movie Contest to highlight the importance of education in shaping a better future. Please go here to read our GYA Soulayma’s blog about the contest.

Members of the public were invited to submit a short film (3-5 minutes) recorded on their mobile devices on the theme of education. The films could cover any topic relating to education, including: girls’ education; access to (quality) education (including transportation); non-formal education or education outside the classroom; education as a powerful tool to tackle child labour.

A panel of experts were invited to judge the films, including:

  • Pierre Abi Saab – Journalist and art critic
  • Cynthia Choucair – Producer and Film Maker
  • Massa Mutfi Hamwi – CEO, Sonbola
  • Gisela Hurschler – Technical Adviser for Education, Save the Children

The venue was offered free of charge by Teh Marbouta.

Today, we’re happy to share with you the prizewinning entries. Congratulations to all the contestants involved.

Winning Entry: Mehdi Seyit:  Mehdi Seyit 21 years old, from Nabatiyeh, South of Lebanon. His movie talks about a Syrian refugee Child, Abd El Salam, who dropped out from school since he came from Aleppo to Lebanon and who is working as a mechanical to help his parents. He talks through this short movie about his dream, his current life and his love for education. Captured on an HTC1 mobile phone.

First runner up: Rym ChamasRym Chamas is 18 years old, from Bekaa, lives in Beirut and she is a first year student at the Lebanese University of Fine Arts, Cinema department. Her movie addresses girl’s education in our society through a flash back by one of the victims of the customs and traditions that prevent girls from learning.  Captured on a Note 4H.


Second Runner up: Mayssam Azzam and Hiba Jindawi, 18 and 23 years old:  They both are Palestinians and their movie is addressing the challenges in the Palestinian community specially in the camps. All the problems that they face to have the access for education and quality of education. These challenges are presented by several children from the Palestinian camp Ain El Helwe in Saida. Captured on an iPhone 6. The film makers have written a blog about making the movie here.

Third Runner Up:  Nessim Stevenson and Ghinwa Daher, 21 and 27 years old: They focused on the street children in their movie, letting them talking about themselves. These Children, talked bitterly about their life, their dreams and their hopes. The movie is shot in Hamra streets. Captured on an iPhone 5.