300,000 children in Lebanon to get schoolbooks thanks to British support

Every child between six and 15 who attends a state school in Lebanon will get a set of textbooks in an initiative funded by the UK.

Of the 307,000 packs of books covering key subjects such as maths and sciences, 80,000 will go to Syrian refugee children.

The scheme was announced on January 14 during a visit to Lebanon by the UK's International Development Secretary Justine Greening.

She said: “While children in the UK are settling back in to school after their Christmas holidays, Syrian children are facing a third winter away not only from home but school as well.

“These are the children who will one day rebuild Syria and we cannot afford to let them become a lost generation.

“Lebanon has opened its doors to more than 860,000 of its neighbours and we want to help both Syrian and Lebanese children carry on going to school despite the huge strain on resources.”

The UK is already providing support including food, medical care and shelter to Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq, 

Photo by Russell Watkins/DFID