‘Chance of a better future’: what school means to people around the world

Classroom at Mtien School in Mount Lebanon where Theirworld launched a pilot project Picture: Anthony Achkar

What does school mean to you? That is the question we asked to mark Universal Children’s Day on November 20.

First we asked children in countries affected by emergencies such as conflicts and natural disasters. Young people in Gaza, Central African Republic, Malawi, Lebanon, Pakistan, the Philippines and Nigeria shared their answers.

We filmed them and turned their responses into the video which you can watch below. It was made with the involvement of young activists around the world – including A World at School’s inspiring Global Youth Ambassadors.

We also asked A World at School followers around the world when we sent out an email to our subscribers about the film. We got some great responses – here are just a few of them.


Somalia is among the countries hardest hit by conflict and natural disasters. What school means to me is the place for learners and pupils, the place where everybody gets knowledge. Every child deserves the chance to plan for a better future.


School is a place for education. Education attained at school is the backbone of any society. It has churned out visionaries, inventors,politicians – the list is endless .They have helped shape the world.


School is the dream-maker for your future.


School is a place where children grow their awareness and mentality.


To me, school means a bright future for everyone, for young ones and for future generations. Despite the hard times the world can go through, education remains the foundation of any efforts to respond to the crises we may face. From wars and natural disasters to any form of poverty, education is the weapon to use as a sustainable response.


School is primarily meant for formal  education – a  basic need and a fundamental right which enhances our sustainable livelihood and our sustainable future. Its major goal is giving access to a sustainable livelihood, toward building a formidable nation and a more sustainable future.


School provides one with the necessary foundation of life and this is fundamental irrespective of whether you are in formal or informal sector. Any legible government must have plausible education policies for its citizens and must undertake to implement them. It must make basic education free or affordable to all its citizens.


School is the best thing because a person without education is nothing.


School is everything. It is a big world and school introduces this big world.


School is a place where  we train all kind of learners about the real sense of life and tell them about humanity and human rights. Also, wemust focus on girls education, to educate girls all over the world because progress will be impossible without educated girls.

NIOKHOR GUEYE (Coordonnateur des Clubs Nations Unies)

Education means knowledge, development and equality.