‘We can make it happen’: one million views for Shakira’s Learning Generation video

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Singing superstar Shakira is helping to spread the word about the #LearningGeneration – with more than a million views of her new education video.

The passionate campaigner is a member of the Education Commission, which published a bold plan at the United Nations this week to get every child in the world in school by 2030.

In a special video made for the launch of the report, Shakira urges people to “write to your government, leaders, presidents and prime Ministers. Urge them right now, to make the next generation the #LearningGeneration. We can make it happen.” 

The film has been viewed more than 1.1 million times already on the commission’s Facebook page. It also features United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who calls for the end of child marriage, child labour and child trafficking.

He advocates that every child should be in school by 2030 and Shakira adds: “Now is the time for action.”


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The Education Commission is chaired by Gordon Brown, the UN Special Envoy for Global Education. He said: “This is the civil rights struggle of our generation and Shakira’s video presents a wake-up call and a challenge for us all.

“This is why we have launched an agenda for action calling for the largest expansion of educational opportunity in history underpinned by an increase in education financing from $1.2 trillion today to $3 trillion by 2030. 

“We are calling this vision the #LearningGeneration and we urge each and every country to step up to the plate. This is a time of hope and of opportunity. By 2030 let us ensure that every child is in school.”

The commission – a distinguished group of global leaders, academics, business leaders and economists – unveiled the #LearningGeneration report after a year of research, consultations and analysis. It was launched as world leaders gathered for the UN General Assembly.

Shakira’s involvement in education began in 1997 with the creation of her foundation Pies Descalzo, which operates schools and educational projects in her home country of Colombia.

Shakira hands in A World at School’s #UpForSchool Petition, with more than 10 million signatures, at the UN last year


She said: “I believe education is the key to everything. As an activist and a child of the developing world, I have seen education’s power to transform lives.

“Education is the difference between success and failure, or even life and death for many children. Studies have shown that education affects every major challenge we face in society. It creates economic growth, paves the way for peace and stability, and helps erase the legacy of marginalisation.”

Shakira’s video has attracted hundreds of likes, shares and comments on the commission’s Facebook page.

Ivan Dario Acosta from the United States wrote: “Shakira is the best! Since the start of her music career and even before she was famous, she started to invest in children’s education!”

Mbuwa Mbox from Zambia said: “Loving this with a passion. Indeed #Education should be the top priority for every nation right now and together we can make the next generation a learning generation.”

Mohammed Magem from Nigeria wrote: “Good advocacy on education, if you think education is expensive, then try ignorance.”

And Zaza Titl from France said simply: “Education can change the whole world!”


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