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A World at School’s Global Youth Ambassadors have been promoting the cause of education for just over a year now – and these young advocates are certainly making their mark around the world.

Seven of our network of 500 GYAs in 85 countries were selected for the Young Leaders programme by Women Deliver, an advocacy organisation for girls’ and women’s health, rights and wellbeing.

Women Deliver Young Leaders provides seed funding to 200 young people so they can start projects that help girls in their communities receive access to sexual and reproductive health advice and rights.

Women Deliver said: “We believe that the health and rights of young people deserve priority, and that young people themselves have the potential to be powerful spokespeople on their own needs and agents of change transforming policies, programming and their communities for the better.”

Here we look at the selected GYAs and what this opportunity means to them:

Vivian Onano from Kenya

She works in communities around the world, listening to the concerns of young people and addressing world leaders on policy reform. She is a Youth Advisor for UN Women and a Global Women’s Advocate for the ONE Campaign.

Vivian said: “It is very exciting to be a Young Leader because of the fantastic and enthusiastic young people from around the world who are part of the group. This presents an incredible opportunity to exchange ideas and learn from each other.

“As a passionate advocate for women and girls, this opportunity provides a strong platform to hone my advocacy skills and engage with other young people who are equally as passionate, and interested to provide lasting solutions to the problems in their communities.”

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Joannes Paulus Yimbesalu from Cameroon

He founded HOPE for Children Cameroon, a community NGO. Since 2011 Joannes’s organisation has sponsored more than 300 children in five schools by providing them with basic school supplies.

Joannes said: “The Women Deliver Young Leaders programme is a unique opportunity not just to learn and acquire leadership skills but one that opens several channels to advocate for gender equality and the sexual and reproductive health rights of girls and women around the world. When we invest in women and girls, both families and communities are strengthened, economies survive and society benefits.”

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Hikmat Baba Dua from Ghana

Executive Director for the League of Young Female Leaders, an advocacy NGO focusing on advancing the status of girls and women through education, empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Hikmat said: “Being selected among such incredible young leaders by Women Deliver is not just another honour or opportunity but a challenge to continue advocating against child marriage, early marriage and forced marriage in order for girls to acquire education and live better lives.”

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Diphus Ng’eny from Kenya

Passionate about girls’ education and human rights, after witnessing young girls becoming pregnant during his childhood. He mentors others and writes about youth and socio-economic issues in his community.

Diphus said: “Being a youth leader means a lot to me. This opportunity will help me to empower youth to engage as citizens in local, national and international issues that affect them and empower them to be a positive force for change in their communities. 

“It reflects the commitment of Women Deliver to support genuine change in the world. The programme is focused on youth ownership at all levels and allows capable young people to be genuine agents of change.”

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Chiamaka Uzomba from Nigeria

She’s a Youth Programme Assistant for Population Council’s HIV & AIDS programme in Nigeria. Her work seeks to promote more informed public dialogue on youth vulnerabilities and responses to HIV/AIDS.

Chiamaka said: “It is an amazing feeling to have been selected as a Youth Leader. It reminds me that there is always a reward for doing social good and that reward comes in different ways, including more opportunities to achieve your passion.

“I am where I am today because I had the opportunity to have an education. This is why I advocate for every child to gain their right to education. This is why I stand #UpForSchool.”

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Two other GYAs have been selected to the Women Deliver Young Leaders programme. They are:

Kelebogile Simula from Botswana

A passionate young leader in the education advocacy field, focusing on alcohol and drug abuse in youth. Also serves as a Regional Coordinator of the 10,000 Global Girls Initiative of LitWorld aimed at spreading literacy in girls and empowering them to author lives of independence, hope and joy through reading and storytelling.

Jude Thaddues Njikem from Cameroon

GYA Jude Thaddues Njikem from Cameroon

As a teacher he knows all too well the barriers that prevent a child from having a quality education. He is committed to several causes, primarily girls’ education and reading.

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