A World at School launches campaign to bring hope to 1 million Syrian Children

Back in September, A World at School published a plan to help 1 million out-of-school children affected by the Syrian refugee crisis into school. Today, they are launching a new petition campaign to push for world leaders to acknowledge and close the funding shortfall that continues to deny these children a right to an education.

The world is focused on Syria. The conflict continues, the refugee crisis grows and millions of people demand action from their governments.

Almost overlooked in this whirlwind of events and emotions are the children whose families have fled their homes in search of safety.

For them, a long-term solution to the Syrian crisis – now in its fifth year – will be too late. They need to get back into school. Now.

Every week that Syrian refugee children are deprived of education puts their future in jeopardy. It denies them the opportunity to fulfil their potential. And it diminishes the chance of lasting peace – without education for the next generation the prospects for stability look bleak.

But there is hope. More importantly, there is a plan. A plan to get one million refugee children into school in the neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

That plan now needs global backing and urgent action.

You can play your part – by signing the our new campaign petition demanding that world leaders do something now.
Please click here to continue reading the article at A World at School and sign our petition.