Children’s amazing and dangerous journeys to get to school




Children go to school on a boat in Chocohuital, Mexico – but this trip is easy compared to many others around the world

A gallery of pictures showing some of the amazing journeys children take around the world to get to school has become an internet hit.

The photographs – which include students walking along treachorous cliff edges and using broken bridges to cross swollen rivers – have been viewed more than 1.3 million times and liked 350,000 times on Facebook.

They appear on the website Boredpanda under the title “25 of the most dangerous and unusual journeys to school in the world”.

The article says: “This list we collected will show you just how determined some children can be when it comes to getting an education.

“According to UNESCO, progress in connecting children to schools has slowed down over the past five years. Areas that lack suitable school routes can often flood, making it even harder for kids to commute. Dangerous paths are one of the reasons why many children decide to quit school.”

Some of the pictures first appeared last year on the Amusing Planet website.