Circle of Life Movement’s mission is to share wonders of the world

The Circle of Life Movement was founded by one of our GYAs in Trinidad and Tobago. The movement aims to highlight all that is beautiful in the world, in both humans and nature. Here he describes his movement.

The sounds of raindrops connecting with a rooftop and the motion of trees as they sway in the embracing wind are just a few simple things that remind me on a daily basis how dynamic the world is. Unfortunately there are people who are unaware of these small comforts or who are unable to experience them.

My name is Tyrell Gittens and I am the founder of the Circle of Life Movement. A native of the beautiful Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies, I have come to the realisation that through a new concept movement I can help people who are in an unfortunate position experience the dynamism of the world and in the process help the planet become a more beautiful place. 

The Circle of Life Movement offers a window through which you can be exposed to the wonders and mysteries from all over, as well as the philanthropic deeds of heroes and heroines across the globe.

It is the hope of the movement that through our advocacy people can be exposed to healthy lifestyles, self-awareness, environmental awareness and charity work. The movement’s mission is to highlight all that is beautiful and ensure that the fundamental principle that all human beings are equal is upheld.

What is beauty? On a daily basis we are bombarded with images in the media of what beauty is supposed to look like. We have placed a barrier on what “beauty” should be and who is beautiful. The Circle of Life Movement would like to redefine beauty. Beauty is self-confidence, self-acceptance and strength. Beauty cannot be defined! It is limitless. 

On our Facebook page we have highlighted 18-year-old Down’s Syndrome model Madeline Stuart. She is out to change the world and we join her as she shows the world her beauty. Everyone and everything is beautiful and that is the fundamental thought that will make our world a better place. Check out Madeline Stuart’s work here.

The Circle of Life Movement has started the #ShareASmile Project and asked people to send in their smiling pictures, like this one

What is nature? From the tundra regions of the Arctic to the rainforest regions of the Equator, there is a splendid display of biodiversity. Nature plays a critical role in the sustenance of life on planet Earth. Humans and animals alike depend on the natural resources that nature provides on a daily basis.

The Circle of Life Movement encourages everyone to take a greater interest in protecting the environment. We must help in any way we can to preserve the integrity and stability of all the Earth’s ecosystems. Remember there is no future without nature! 

The Circle of Life Movement is currently planning an environmental project to help inspire others to preserve the Earth’s natural beauty. Creating an impact In the coming months, the movement hopes to commence various charity and environmental projects throughout Trinidad and Tobago.

It is the hope of the Circle of Life Movement that as we move forward in time we can create projects in other countries around the world through A World at School, a digital mobilisation initiative working towards achieving global education. Beach cleanups, partnerships with local NGOs and environmental projects are all on the agenda of the movement.

The Circle of Life Movement will also be in partnership with a business that will be launched in the coming months. A percentage of this business’s profits will go towards charity. How you can get involved? Contact us on Facebook. Visit our blog.

Welcome to a new experience, a new movement and a new way of looking at the world. #wearethecircleoflife