Code Club launched in Nigeria to help keep girls in school

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Girls learn new technology skills at the Code Club in Lagos Pictures: Olusola Ileoba


A Code Club has been opened in Nigeria to help girls stay in school and learn technology skills.

Theirworld – the children’s charity behind A World at School – has launched the club in the city of Lagos in collaboration with the Oando Foundation.

It will teach skills in coding and programming, support formal education and provide mentoring to girls aged six to 14, all within a safe and supportive learning environment.

Theirworld has already launched innovative, low-cost Code Clubs in Kenya and Uganda in March.

The clubs help the girls to build the skills they will need in a technology-driven economy and to be aware how critical thinking and leadership can be applied within their own communities.

Theirworld President Sarah Brown said: “For each year that a girl is deprived of education, she will likely make less money, marry earlier and live a shorter life. 

Students learn about coding and programming at the club


“Yet we know that investing in a girl has social and economic returns that go beyond her, extending not only to her family and future children, but also to her community.

“At Theirworld we don’t shy away from challenges and are prepared to tackle the big problems that stop children from learning and fulfilling their potential.”

The Lagos Code Club has been launched during Africa Code Week 2016, which is a reminder of the importance of equipping youth with digital literacy in a growing economy.

It is estimated that over the next 25 years Africa’s working-age population will double to one billion. But the digital skills gap is widening.

The Oando Foundation’s Ade Adegoke said: “To remain competitive in today’s global world, technology skills are vital, hence we desire young girls in Nigeria to develop sustained interest in ICT and increase their proficiency in this field.”

Theirworld’s Safe Spaces work is supported by the players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.

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