“Ismail, a student with a disability, has realised his dream and inspired millions of people”

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Ismail in his graduation gown at SIMAD University in Mogadishu (Ismail Ahmed Mohamud)

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In Somalia, it’s not an easy matter to personally develop when you have a disability. 

Traditionally, many Somalis believe that disabled people do not have the ability to make change happen and they can’t do things like other people.  The reality is disability does not mean inability.

After long efforts filled with challenges, congratulations for the great accomplishment of Ismail Ahmed Mohamud. On January 30 Ismail, a student with a disability, realised his dream – he became one of the 690 students in the graduation ceremony at SIMAD University.

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Ismail receiving his achievement certificate (Ismail Ahmed Mohamud)

Ismail undertook his first degree from SIMAD University as a scholarship and has become the first student in his department of banking and finance to be employed at SIMAD University.

Ismail inspired millions of people with disabilities from around the world and learned that disabled people can make a difference.

Somali people with disabilities are facing numerous problems that result in their exclusion from mainstream society. There is no legal framework or accurate figures for the disabled population in Somalia.

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Ismail with Dr Abdirahman Beilah, Minister of Finance of Somalia (Dr Abdirahman Beileh)

Ismail also goes by the name Ismail Raage. After his Pictures of Raage went viral on social media, he received congratulations, praises and messages of encouragement from top government leaders, politicians and various parts of the communities.

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo sent this message: “Congratulations to Ismail Raage who graduated from SIMAD University with a degree in banking and finance. The government should make sure to give employment consideration to people with special needs.” 

The Somali Minister of Finance, Dr Abdirahman Beileh, invited Ismail to his office and praised his efforts to reach his goal. The former Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud awarded him a scholarship to study an MSc in finance at the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

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