Don’t let world leaders forget their promise to Syrian refugee children in Turkey


The traumatic events in Turkey have been making headlines across the world in recent weeks. A terrifying terrorist attack, followed by a coup attempt.

The pictures and videos show a country in turmoil. But – even as these frightening events unfold – it’s important to remember that life has to continue for people in Turkey, especially the children.

And this is where we can all help. Among the upheaval, Turkey is housing more than 2.7 million refugees and making sure hundreds of thousands of children are continuing their education.

Back in February, world leaders gathered in London for the Supporting Syria and the Region conference. Neighbouring countries Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan said they were offering ONE MILLION places at school for Syrian refugees.

International donors responded at the conference by promising to provide the funding to make that happen. But not all of the pledged funding has come through – and time is running out.

Turkey has taken in more Syrian refugee children than any other country – more than 700,000 of them. But 400,000 of them are still out of school and funds are needed urgently to get them into the education system when the new school year starts in September.

Turkish and Syrian children learn together at Istoc Primary School

Those world leaders who promised their help in London now need to step up and ensure these children – who have already suffered so much – are soon in school and getting a quality education.

In May, Theirworld – the children’s charity behind A World at School – visited one of the many schools in Turkey where Syrian refugee children are already learning

It was inspiring to see the crucial role school played in helping to rebuild their lives and give them back a sense of normality.

For many of these children, a place at a safe school means they won’t have to start working for a living, risking their health or safety to help their families scrape together enough money to pay the bills.

Every child deserves an education and, with the new school year beginning soon, it’s even more important for the world to see what a difference being in school can make.

If you agree that every child deserves an education, please share this article – and ensure the Syrian refugee children are not forgotten.

Whatever the emergency, whatever the turmoil, let’s stand together and help every child to fulfil their potential.