Dubai Cares launches ‘What If?’ campaign for Ramadan

Dubai Cares is asking the people of the United Arab Emirates to imagine the lives of children in developing countries.

The philanthropic organisation wants residents to think about what youngsters of primary school age go through when they have no access to education, clean water or sanitation facilities.

It’s part of Dubai Cares’ 2014 “What If?” campaign during Ramadan, which uses visual stories from some of the 35 developing countries and 10million children who are benefiting from its help.

Chief executive Tariq Al Gurg said: “Our campaign prompts UAE residents to ask themselves a simple question and compare their reality with that of children in developing countries.

“Our goal this Ramadan is to ignite the emotions and intellect of UAE residents in order to donate and lend their voices to ensuring quality education for all children.

“Through our combined efforts side by side with the UAE community, we can build a more stable global environment and lay the foundation for a robust future for new generations.”

The “What If?” campaign touches on the key pillars of Dubai Cares’ programmes in developing countries such as school infrastructure, teacher training, girls’ education and early childhood education as well as access to water, health and sanitation.

There are various ways in which UAE residents can get involved in the campaign. You get more information on the Dubai Cares website.

Over the past seven years, the organisation has been behind many projects, including building and renovating more than 1500 classrooms, training 38,000 teachers and providing nutritious food every day to more than 504,000 children in schools.